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Need to find a veterinary near you?
At we have the largest list of vets clinics and animal clinics in the United States.
Also you can find animal hospitals and veterinary hospitals.
Choose your state, then your city and visit your care center for your pet as soon as possible.
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Health Warning about Covid 19 All Vet Near Me

Health Warning

All the veterinary centers in the United States that we show on our website follow the health standards established by the NIH. Together we can stop Covid 19!

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Most popular Cities selected for you

We have selected the most popular cities in the United States that have a large number of veterinary centers and animal hospitals. In this way you can enter the desired city directly without having to choose the county in which you want to search for a veterinary clinic.

Top 5 Veterinarians in the United States

At we work to offer you the best options and make it easier for you to choose your nearest vet. Here we leave you a list with the 5 best veterinarians in the country this 2024. They are the top 5 rated veterinary places in the United States on Google. All these vet have more than 1,000 reviews, some of them reach 2,000, for some reason it will also be close to 5 stars.

As we mentioned before, this list is based on the veterinarians with the most ratings and a good average number of stars in the United States. Our advice, if you want a vet and you live far from these places, find your nearest veterinary place with us.

Most commented veterinary centers

Here we leave you the 6 places with the most comments in All Vet Near Me. This list may change over time with the opinions and information provided by those who visit our website.

All Vet Near Me is not responsible for the information, opinions and answers that are written in the comments section. In the event that our moderators see sensitive information, they may not approve the comment that is displayed or delete it directly. If you want a comment to be removed for not providing correct information, you can contact us by filling out the contact form available in the contact tab.

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