Foskey Veterinary Clinic in West Orange, TX

Foskey Veterinary Clinic in West Orange, TX

Foskey Veterinary Clinic in West Orange, TX allvetnearme Animal hospital
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Foskey Veterinary Clinic in West Orange, Texas

  • Phone Number: +1 409-988-0600
  • Address: 14 Lexington Dr, West Orange, TX 77630, United States
  • Zip Code: 77630
  • Category: Animal hospital
  • Total Reviews: 449
  • Average Rating: 4.6

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9 thoughts on “Foskey Veterinary Clinic in West Orange, TX”

  1. I think my dog is diabetic and now he isn’t eating I’m scared and how much will cost for me to bring him in

  2. Just a heads up the dog park on Park Street needs to be up dated . The obstacles are falling apart . Dogs are getting wooden splinters in their paws. Need a place for the owners to sit. . Would bring my puppy there all the time. Now I drive all the way to Lumberton Park on 421.. fix this one and I will start bringing her back to it. Thank you

  3. We drove out from Galveston County to have Dr. Foskey and his staff check out my pot belly pig, yesterday. Upon our arrival, we received a warm welcome and were checked in by reception. The office was warm, friendly and clean. Everyone was eager to offer any assistance if we needed it.
    Once we got our little girl in the office, we were quickly placed in an exam room, weighed and was asked about medical history. A few minutes later Dr. Foskey came in and we started trying to figure out what was going on with my baby. After doing a belly shave and ultrasound, it was decided that we needed to sedate her in order to get abdominal x-rays. 2 needle aspirations were done and we’re currently waiting on pathology to give us further details.
    Considering everything that was included with this visit, I was petrified to find out how much our bill was going to be. We ended up pleasantly surprised that we aren’t going to have to eat Ramen noodles for the next few months!
    By the time we were all done yesterday, it was well after business hours and our baby was still pretty out of it. However we had plenty of help loading her up in the backseat of the truck and they also waited with us for a bit to make sure the sedation reversal meds were doing their job.
    Even though we’re going to be waiting a few days for test results in order to get an official diagnosis and game plan, at no point did Dr. Foskey or his staff ever make us feel like we weren’t family and seemed to care about my baby as much as we do. I would be more than happy to refer my friends and family to Dr. Foskey and his friendly, competent staff.
    Thank you for all you have done to help us figure out what we’re dealing with and how to we’re going to take care of it.


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