Reedley Veterinary Hospital in Reedley, CA

Reedley Veterinary Hospital in Reedley, CA

Reedley Veterinary Hospital in Reedley, CA allvetnearme Veterinarian
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Reedley Veterinary Hospital in Reedley, California

  • Phone Number: +1 559-638-5466
  • Address: 21311 E Dinuba Ave # A, Reedley, CA 93654, United States
  • Zip Code: 93654
  • Category: Veterinarian
  • Total Reviews: 252
  • Average Rating: 4.2

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4 thoughts on “Reedley Veterinary Hospital in Reedley, CA”

  1. I really need to bring my cat in its a emergency she’s stoped eating and drinking water yesterday morning and hisses and growls at me even if I try and touch her she obviously is in pain I had to hold her down and touch her body to see what she was hurting from it was in her hind parts and back she is very aggressive and don’t want to be touched but I’ve been giving her eye droppers full of water some times milk I used some chicken broth with a half of a cap ful of mineral oil and she pooped out this crazy thing that totally freaked me out she’s breathing heavy and fast she is putting her legs underneath her and lays there and even if I talk to her she growls and moves away turning around so I don’t see her it might be the water here cuz I google lense it and something was swimming in it but she definitely needs to be seen like today’s he went limp for a min and I had to shake her and move her around and she started coming out of it I’m scared

  2. I’m not sure if the phone is off the hook. I’ve been calling today and it’s been busy. I need to bring Chief in.
    He’s in pain
    Lisa McAndrews

  3. I found a young gray kitten the other day with what looks like a broken foot. She won’t put any pressure on it and been walking on 3 legs since I found her a few days ago. I had a cat:princess cloe,that came in prolly about 2 years ago to your clinic when she broke her leg and you guys were able to find out what happened and help her. I was wondering if there is a time I could try to get her checked tomorrow.

  4. I have been very happy with the entire team at Reedley Veterinary Hospital for 20 years. Dr. Gray is a very practical and competent doctor, and he cares for his animal patients like they were his own family pets. His “bedside manner” can rub some people’s fur the wrong way, but I found him refreshingly direct. He puts the animals he treats first – people are not his first concern. The answers he gave me to my many questions were kind and complete. I have moved from the area, and miss the team there in Reedley – I hope the new animal hospital I’ll be taking my fur babies to will be as practical and animal first as the Reedley team were for 20 years.


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