Kirk Veterinary Clinic in Kimball, TN

Kirk Veterinary Clinic in Kimball, TN

Kirk Veterinary Clinic in Kimball, TN allvetnearme Veterinary care
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Kirk Veterinary Clinic in Kimball, Tennessee

  • Phone Number: +1 423-837-5560
  • Address: 1960 Main St, Kimball, TN 37347, United States
  • Zip Code: 37347
  • Category: Veterinary care
  • Total Reviews: 381
  • Average Rating: 4.7

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  3. As an employee of Kirk veterinary clinic the information on this site is invalid due to us being strictly paper we do not have a website nor can we answer calls, texts, or any other kind of questions you may have on this website please call the clinic directly for anything you may need.

  4. i will be getting a puppy in december, my question is how much to start the shots and when its time how much to have her spayed. and at what age should i spay her


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